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Normally we need project planning drawings (plan, elevation etc.) in PDFs, DWG or any image format.
For exterior 3D visualizations, which should also show an outdoor area or garden, an outside landscape plant planning is useful. For indoor visualizations it would be helpful if you send us furniture layout and drawings, a description or reference photos indicate (from a magazine etc.). Also, the number of desired perspectives is important because then yes give synergy effects in the processing.

The processing time is of course highly depending on the project. In a normal construction, creating visualization for an exterior render takes around 3-4 working days, and an interior representation takes around 2 - 3 days.
Usually not linear, especially since we parallelize the work in larger or particularly urgent projects for quick TAT (turnaround time).
in teams - If several perspectives are created, the processing time increases.
Feedback from the client also can be a time factor.
For animations or films a lump-sum time value actually not possible because there are too many components that need to be defined. We have completed movies, starting with the idea, storyboarding, modeling, animation, rendering and post-production in less than four weeks. Our render farm for this is of course as important as the experience of our team.

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